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“Worst Pain”: A Shingles Story and How to Advocate for Prevention

Join Dr. Dominique Tessier and Carolyn Whiskin for a Discussion on the Team Approach to Optimizing Patient Care

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the disease burden and risk factors associated with herpes zoster (HZ) and impact on quality of life.
  • Understand clinical evidence and current guidelines related to HZ vaccination.
  • Review the clinical data and share best practices on the practical skills needed to increase confidence to proactively identify patients at increased risk (whether due to age, comorbidities, or immunocompromised status).
    • Achieved through a discussion around shared case studies, clinical experience, and sharing of expert opinion

Funded and organized by GSK. This session is for licensed Physicians, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and Pharmacists only.

This is not a Continuing Medical Education event and has not been accredited.
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NP-CA-HZU-WCNT-230001 | April 2023